31 [Snarky] Days to Build a Better Blog: All the Links You'll Need

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If you missed the chance to participate in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Project, here's your chance for a recap— all the links you'll need to do the project, with or without someone else.

This project is best suited to newish bloggers (and people with low blood pressure), but even a seasoned blogger can learn a few worthy things. So here's the whole kit and caboodle, with a snarky twist from Yours Truly :)

(Note: These posts include links to all the PB posts that are the foundation for ProBlogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog book. I hear the book has updates since the foundation posts. Of course if you buy the book you'll have it all in one file.)

Day 1: Bambi in the Database. On how I made Paul cause an earthquake, while I was supposed to be Writing an Elevator Pitch.

Day 2: The Dalai Lama Effect. Writing a List Post might just draw a lot more traffic if you include famous people like The Dalai Lama and Marcus Goodyear.

Day 3: Darren Rowse, Please Link to Me. If you are going to ask for a link from another blogger, you might as well go for the gold. Not that you will get it. But you could try.

Day 4: Oprah, I Wanna Be Like You. When you analyze a top blog in your niche, remember that Oprah might just be your ticket.

Day 5: Email a Blog Reader. There are so many nicely annoying ways to try to increase your blog traffic. This qualifies as one of them.

Day 6: Shakespeare and Company's Top 24 Blog Tips. You could read all the big blog-building tips from Problogger, or you could just listen to Shakespeare and Company. Shakespeare is older and more poetic. Problogger speaks English you can understand.

Day 7: How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Link the Ways. There is nothing like a little link love to make you more popular. Go ahead, try it.

Day 8: Entertaining Aliens. What's SEO got to do with it? Find out by entertaining aliens.

Day 9: Meet Me at the Mother Ship. Finding blog buddies is one key to success. The other key (as you will see in a few posts) is cake.

Day 10: My Dog Ate Darren Rowse's Google Alerts. On the importance of setting up Google and Twitter alerts. Though I'm afraid my dog ate Darren's :)

Day 11: Hey, Darren, It's My Turn. On how I tried to take my blog back, while simultaneously doing the assignment: come up with 10 New Post Ideas.

Day 12: Darren Gets on the Scale. Well, I almost got my blog back. But when I did the Editorial Calendar assignment, I realized it was probably a lost cause.

Day 13: I Will Not Be Swayed by Sales on Boxer Shorts. I was asked to go to the Mall. I can be a little rebellious sometimes; I went hiking instead.

Day 14: Update a Key Page. This is all about first impressions and making them better. Except I got side-tracked looking for my keys.

Day 15: Honk if You Like, I Prefer Cake. Here is where you learn the value of finding a blog buddy, and the greater value of serving cake.

Day 16: Buy a Velvet Couch. Apparently, your readers have problems. You might just be able to solve them if you buy a velvet couch. I tried to get mine from The Louvre.

Day 17: Pretend Your Blog is a Barbie. How does a first-time reader use your blog? If she pulls off the head and dresses it in pink, you may be in trouble.

Day 18: Gesundheit! This is about creating a 'sneeze page' like the one you are now on. It points to really important places on your blog, all within a certain theme.

Day 19: Maureen, Hope You Don't Mind. This was the day I was supposed to express an opinion. Such a difficult assignment for a mild person like me. ;-)

Day 20: Leave Comments on Other Blogs. It was a lot of fun using Post It Notes to leave comments on other blogs. You should try it sometime.

Day 21: Foretelling the Future. If you are unlazy, you might like this assignment... to go back and revamp an old post. I am not unlazy.

Day 22: Darren, How Sweet of You. I paid attention to a very special reader, and (just look in the comment box) he paid a little attention to me. (I'm still waiting for my link, but I know he's trying to dream up something especially good :)

Day 23: He Told Me to Tell You. Did you know you have passive readers? Here's how to get them acting (I cannot be responsible if the result is that they act silly.)

Day 24: Adding Shirtless Men to My Blog. I was supposed to learn a few things from a successful magazine. Well, I sure did! Adding shirtless men was just one little trick to bring more traffic.

Day 25: 10 Reasons to Ask Your Readers Questions. I could not resist asking, "Are we there yet?" It's just too classic.

Day 26: Problogger, Allow Me. Did you know you could make over another person's blog? I figured I'd give a free makeover to The Blogger himself.

Day 27: Hunting for Links, or Chocolate. This was a dead-link hunting expedition. I couldn't bear the sorrow of it and chose a different path.

Day 28: I Wish to Report a Stolen Review. Writing reviews is supposed to be a good bloggy thing to do. But I stole one instead. It's okay, she didn't mind.

Day 29: Now You're Profiling. It's all about reputation, even in blogland. Here's how I could have developed a better one if I had tried.

Day 30: How to Increase Your Blog Stats by Over 100% Here I reveal the truth about exponentially increasing your blog traffic. I am not kidding.

Day 31: Time to Plan the Big Time. With a little planning, you too can decrease your blog traffic by as much as you increased it. Or you can make a different kind of plan. It's really up to you.

Notre Dame in Marseilles photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Maureen said...

31 days. . . can you put these in a zip file?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Cassandra Frear said...

What's next for you, Snarky?



5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all your post titles and how you did each post. How did you come up with titles and how to write them? You are creative.

10:31 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Maureen, do you think Darren would mind if I put them in an e-book and undercut his price? ;-)

Cassandra... lol. I'm thinking I will be nicer for the rest of the year. Unless I have a good bad day. :)

Becky... One post at a time, as they sorta say. I don't know. Honestly, I think the time I've spent in poetry improv with the http://tweetspeakpoetry.com people has opened me creatively, taught me to let my mind just go where it wants. So far there haven't been any serious injuries as a result :).

10:43 PM  
Blogger kirsten michelle said...

LL, you crack me up. I missed this series but just reviewing the titles will ensure you get a little more Seattle-based traffic this wekeend. :o)

12:28 PM  

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