31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Problogger, Allow Me


Day 26: Improve Another Blog. Yes! I've got just the blog in mind.

After all, Darren says, "Today’s task in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is to do just that – to improve a blog that is not yours." And I know that Darren's blog is not mine, for a number of reasons.

Top 5 Reasons I Know Darren Rowse's Blog is Not My Blog

1. My blogs never have a one-word title, because that would make it too easy for people to remember.

2. Nobody calls me Darren. Yet. :)

3. If Darren's blog was my blog, I would be making six figures. Instead, I am making 31 blog posts about better blogging, and this is giving me carpal tunnel in my thumb. Hmmm... I may be able to parlay that into six figures if I find a creative lawyer.

4. Darren is a boy. I am not. Sigh. This reduces my chances of ever being called "Darren."

5. Darren's blog talks about making better blogs. My blogs... (oh, just fill in the blank with an L.L.-aggrandizing compliment)

All righty. Now that we have established that Darren's blog is a blog that is not mine, we are ready to begin the makeover process. Pink paint please, Martha? (I think it is always useful to engage Martha Stewart when tackling a project in particular need of a girl's design. She only charges six figures for her services, too, which seems apropos.)

Now, to quote the blogger-in-question, "The question is – how do you improve someone else’s blog?"

Hey, Problogger, allow me...

problogger new site

Click here to see my Extreme Makeover of Problogger in full size.

Says Problogger, "If it doesn’t go noticed by the other blogger don’t despair – hopefully in doing something for others you’ll learn something for yourself also, as well as getting a little good karma in the process!"

This is a very nice way for him to say he might not show up and praise my handiwork on his blog, but I don't believe that an astute blogger like Problogger would let this slide by. Especially since Martha and I did such a beautiful job.

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ProBlogger's Day 26: Improve Another Blog.
Paul's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Project

A Walk in the Woods, a companion to ProBlogger's Day 27: Hunt for Dead Links.

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31 Days to Better Blogging

  • Problogger Extreme Makeover Illustration by L.L. Barkat.

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    Anonymous Phillip Gibb said...

    Hey Darren, love the Problogger Extreme Makeover Illustration, didn't know you were good at that as well ;)

    ha ha ha

    7:26 AM  
    Blogger R. Sipes said...

    Really cool. What did Darren do to deserve such a good friend? Or was it just grace?

    9:11 AM  
    Blogger Maureen said...

    Do friends get discounts?

    10:26 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You may not be a Darren but how about a Darenne? Seems to be all the rage turning boys to girls names and vicky-verky.

    As to the makeover, I think it's time you stopped stalking darren :)

    3:22 AM  

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