31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Pretend Your Blog is a Barbie

Belle Barbie

Day 17, and I'm supposed to pretend my blog is a Barbie.

Well, sort of.

The real mission is to watch a first-time reader use the blog. What does the reader do? Bend the knees? Pull off the head? Show it to her friends?

You may not know this, but 99 out of 100 American households own a Barbie. This means the toy sort of... succeeded. And it all began when Ruth Handler watched little girls playing with paper dolls. She noticed they weren't drawn to kid-like dolls but rather to grown-up looking paper women that came as part of comic books.

Fascinated, Ruth watched the girls change and change and change the paper clothes and mimic adult conversation. This led her to the theory that "little girls want to be women." And this led her to the idea of a shockingly different kind of doll. One with an undeniably grown-up shape.

Ironically, this doll, which some people see as demeaning to women, is a women's success story. Handler fought tooth and nail to bring it to market in a male-dominated industry.

Okay, enough about Barbies. The real point is that you're supposed to watch how new readers use your blog, because one day it might help you figure out how to have 99 out of 100 households subscribed to you.

(Maybe you should offer a bonus zebra-striped bathing suit, Christian Dior party dress, and pink plastic high heels. It worked for Barbie. :)


barbies cover

Total aside... this post is secretly serving as a contribution to Tweetspeak Poetry's Barbies Giveaway and Writing Project. Stop in for a chance to win Barbies at Communion, a new poetry book by Marcus Goodyear, or just write about the Barbies in your life, for a link and possible feature.

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  • Belle Barbie at the Window photo, by Sara B. Used with permission.

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    Blogger Maureen said...

    Ah, Blogger Barbie. She does it all.

    7:31 AM  
    Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

    I'm the one home out of that hundred that doesn't own a Barbie. lol.

    8:06 AM  
    Blogger Marcus Goodyear said...

    Kelly, we make up for it at our house. We have a veritable Noah's ark of Barbies.

    9:47 AM  
    Blogger R. Sipes said...

    My daughters had Barbies until their younger brother got a hold of them. They soon ended up without heads or arms and legs. Some of their body parts were exchanged for other items and they looked like mutants. Ah, boys! whoever said boys and girls are alike never had both.

    9:56 AM  
    Blogger Cassandra Frear said...

    How do you get this information? I have Google Analytics but I'm not sure how to use it like that!!

    10:09 AM  
    Blogger Madame Rubies said...

    Where's my Dior?

    4:19 PM  

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