A Fun Harry Potter Knock-Off

Harry Trotter Transporation

"What are you reading?" he asked our girls. "Harry Trotter and the School for Young Lizards"?

They thought this was hilarious. (I am convinced that an up-side to home education is the preservation of humor concerning one's parents' silly jokes.)

It didn't take long before the joke became serious funny business. The girls have been brainstorming, writing, drawing... a full-metal Harry Potter knock-off series. ("It's not a knock-off, Mommy," says my 14-year-old. "It's a pastiche.")

A what?

Another advantage to home education is that parents can get daily vocabulary-correction services from their children. However, I did suggest that perhaps "pastiche" might be too formal sounding, to describe what we now have in our possession: a Harry Potter graphic parody, complete with fire-breathing... lizards.

I don't know how far this parody writing will go; that's the unpredictable side of our home education— creativity is never forced, so sometimes the really good ideas die on the (round) table.

But for now, the girls have lizards on the brain. And they are avidly researching the physical structure and habits of lizards, chameleons, and salamanders.

Apparently, some lizards eat bagels. At least they do in this Harry Potter knock-off. Um, pastiche. :)

The Young Lizard Knighthood School Transportation System. Conceived by Sonia, 11. Rendered by Sara, 14. Used with permission (and a smile :).

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Writing Randomly

blue flowers

I like to remember that Random Acts of Poetry doesn't need to follow a prompt. You can post random poetry, just because, and we like that.

In honor of randomness, here is one from my girl Sonia. She gave it to Sara for her birthday (along with the flowers pictured above)...

Over a yard with a view of the bell,
is a sky as blue as the forget-me-nots below,
with white clouds moving slowly on
the strings of a marionette...

Poem by Sonia, 11. Used with permission.

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Get Attention for Your Blog

kid shadow

I love a good poem. And Mother's Day is coming soon.

Maybe you have great feelings about your mom. Or maybe you wish you did. Or maybe you never could. Relationships are tricky things.

Post a poem on your blog (your own poem, or a favorite by someone else)... about moms/grandmoms, motherhood, or son-or-daughterhood, by Friday April 29th.

Then post your link on the T. S. Poetry Press facebook wall. Do it for some bloggy attention. Or do it for your mom. Or just do it for the love of poetry.

Can't wait to see... :)


One or two poems will be chosen for feature at TheHighCalling.org.

Photo by Sonia, 11. Used with permission.

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Making Facebook Work for You

TS Poetry Press on Facebook

I admit I hadn't figured out Facebook. Until yesterday.

Because I don't display my face there, and I don't use it as a way to keep up with old friends and family, I've been a little stymied. The place is called FACEbook after all, and I hadn't found a way to show my face— at least not a way that intrigued and challenged me. (Don't get me wrong; I love the little chats I have with you, but that's not something I can plan. :)

Then yesterday I started a page for T. S. Poetry Press. And I've been trying to discipline myself all morning, to stick to only three updates. (That seems more than enough for a day.)

Only time will tell if this is a passing fancy, but for now I'm excited by the thought of creating a place (a face?) that shares...

• short-and-sweet daily writing tips
• great info on the business of small-press publishing
• ideas for practicing poetry
• guides to where you can get published
• fun writing projects
• and just some really good stuff to think about in the world of poetry and writing

I told someone the other day that the Internet has become a place of minor fatigue for me. I think it's because there's so much to look at, that's not necessarily connected to a face, a persona. This new Facebook place? It's me, picking the best for you. Maybe that could give us both a little rest, in its way.

How about you? Are you using Facebook to share your most excited face? To be a place of rest for yourself and others?

I'm going to try. And I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe even in a status update... on Facebook :).

(If you like, come follow T. S. on Facebook. :)

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A Simple, Surprising Conversation

Blue Bridge

How do I write poetry? (Or anything else, for that matter.) Is it true that I "do it all"? Why do I call myself just a participant? What dream did I finally put to rest?

Join Cody Stauffer, with this podcast interview, to find out. :)

If you prefer to skip the opening music and announcements, go forward to about 5:00.


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