31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Hey Darren, It's My Turn

God in the Yard

Day 11. I've been very dutiful, giving Darren's name to the world (and you know how much this means to him :), but it's time to turn my attention elsewhere.

I'm hoping he will forgive me, because it's my blog after all. And, besides, I suspect he may not be posting about me today, so I'm going to need to do it myself.

Here's the deal. We're supposed to come up with 10 post ideas, and this is how we're supposed to do it:

1. Put our last five posts in a circle, well, five circles. Start the square dance music.

2. Extend our circles by making them dosey doe with more circles.

3. Extend again, if we dare. (Let's not hurt ourselves. I know all this stretching can be a bit of a challenge.)

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I've made a little picture (see below). Actually, I used to teach this technique to my English classes. It's called "doing a word web" and is a simple brainstorming technique.

But I like the idea of the square dance music. It seems more cheery than getting all sticky in a web. Also, as you will see, I used little rectangles (and I put them in a lumpy circle, otherwise fondly known as kind-of-an-oval. :) Oh, and I didn't put my last five posts. I put my next one book.

I also did 12 instead of 10, not because I'm an overachiever (okay, that I am, but that's not why I did it; I did it because my book has 12 chapters).


What is my square-rectangle-dance-circle brainstorming web about?

I realized that it might be nice to do a companion book to my new book. Something kind of devotional, or bible study leaderish, that provides passages from the Old Testament, Psalms, and the life of Christ. I'm toying with the idea of releasing this companion book as a free download e-book. Or maybe I'll charge a dollar.

Who knows. But it occurred to me that I might want to begin sharing my ideas over at Love Notes to Yahweh, since that's my spiritual practice blog.

Anyway, Darren, no worries, I'll talk about you again soon. :)

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    Blogger R. Sipes said...

    Square Dancing--takes me back to 5th grade P.E. class, all of us awkward 12 year olds trying to avoid getting the couties while the teacher called out "alemande left", "swing your partner" and "bow to your corner." Sometimes my blogging plans look just as awkward. Thanks for the picture! --Richard

    11:28 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I like the idea of a companion book for your new book. The word web idea is a good one, I did that too but not quite the same way. Thanks for posting the picture and for the ideas. You're a great blogger!

    3:19 PM  
    Blogger Dan King said...

    I'm digging the companion resources, but I think that they should be somehow different than the book (not another book). What could be cool though is maybe some YouTube videos with you reading those Scripture passages! Those could make some really cool posts!

    I love following along with your posts in this series!

    8:21 PM  
    Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

    Dan, yes. One thing I want to do is add art and possibly music suggestions. That will fit well with my Art Pilgrimage going on at Love Notes.

    Keep the ideas coming! And I will credit you with a link in the e-whatever it is. :)

    8:57 PM  
    Blogger Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

    You are so creative and full of great ideas on how to do this daunting workshop!

    In Him,

    11:07 PM  

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