What to Do During Harry Potter


My Littlest finally made her way into Harry Potter. I figured it was about time, so we got the listening-CDs from the library.

She has always preferred listening to reading, and I don't make an issue of it. While she listens, she creates art. This is the garden that grew from her time with Harry. I love how it gives me a simple window into her spirit.


Garden, by Sonia, 11. Done in Quark XPress. Used with permission.

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For the Sake of a Cheetos Lover Who Claims He Can't Write Poetry

Cheeto Twist

This is just a little something for someone (no names mentioned, Duane :) who thinks he can't write poetry.


Nothing is impossible with God,
I said.

So I researched wikipedia
to gather the quintessential

information on
Cheetos (which I realized

I had mixed up with Fritos).
But aren't these crunchy

things just all the same?
And wouldn't I merely need

to hand him a rhyme, a place
in time, a couch somewhere

across the universe, where
he could let his thoughts

out of the bag? Would you say
this was easier than

making Leviathan play
on seas. Of course it is.

Now I'm simply stuck with
asking shy Duane:

a poem please?


Apparently, there was a Cheetos Poem Celebration, which I missed. But if you are a lover of Cheetos, or poetry, or both, you can check out the Cheetos poems here.

THIS JUST IN (From Lyla. Read the comments below to understand)

Lyla Lindquist Co-Markets God in the Yard

Cheeto Twist photo by Serious Eats. Used under Creative Commons licensing terms, via Flickr. Amazon Cheetos 'n LL's Books, by Lyla Lindquist. Used with amusement. :)



Simply Amusing

Sari -Sorry Comic

I love the way my thirteen-year-old thinks. Simply amusing. :)

Click here or on the photo, to view a larger image.

Sari-Sorry Comic, by Sara. Used with permission.


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I Need a Simple Signal

tea 3

Signaling is a technique successful leaders use to connect with various audiences— while speaking to what may look like, on the surface, one homogenous audience.

If you ask me, signaling is itself a sign. That a person has learned to work with words in an optimal way. Some people might call this "spin," and I suppose it could be. I prefer to call it wisdom, savvy, and skill.

This week over at TheHighCalling.org, Marcus called us to work with words through the practice of writing poetry. I can't think of a better way to develop a keen sense of language and learn the subtle art of signaling.

So, if you want a simple way to become a better leader, consider writing poetry. (Besides, all the cool business men are doing it.)


stick in our throats,
when we haven't learned
to loosen them
with a little tea
and honey.


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