31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Adding Shirtless Men to My Blog

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Day 24, on the 31DBB Island, and I'm beginning to see visions of men wearing earrings and smiles made perfect by orthodontic adjustment.

Creepy! I did not sign up for this. Somebody put a warning label on the 31DBB Project!

Okay, so here's the task that involves shirtless men (at least in my case). We are supposed to "review a magazine with the view of learning something about how you might improve your own blog."

I am pretty sure that the following improvements to my blog will increase reader engagement. (Oh, thank you, Darren!!!)

1. Add shirtless men to the header. Tell me that wouldn't get your attention.

2. Talk about golf. I don't know anything about golf. Except that I got a B-minus in it in college, thus ruining an otherwise respectable GPA. Still, it might not matter. I could talk about the aesthetics of golf. Like how to make sure you hold the club artfully, so as to make for good photo ops.

3. Add a barcode. This would make it look like I am a professional blogger. And then I could sell my blog in bookstores too, which would be kind of cool.

4. Sell makeup. I don't wear makeup, but that shouldn't stop me from selling it. While I'm at it, I could sell other things I don't use either— like perfume, water-resistant Chanel black-sand-blasted-high-tech-ceramic watches, and Mercedes Benzes.

5. Add a poll. (Hey, I'm beginning to see a pattern here!!! :)

6. Include the names of at least 10 famous people. Shoot, that's easy... Laura Boggess, Glynn Young, Billy Coffey, Cassandra Frear, Maureen Doallas, Bradley J. Moore, Marcus Goodyear, Katdish, Melissa, and Joan Ball.

7. Stick a subscription card in the middle of everything. Subscribe Now! Just $0.00 for a 2-year Subscription!!

8. Add men in flag Speedos. (You ain't seen nothin' 'til you've seen the Stars and Stripes on men-of-sporting-valor!) Just wait. Green Inventions is going to get famous with this one.

9. Write about White House parties. I have never been to a White House party. Do you think this disqualifies me from writing about them?

10. Recommend beachwear. Why, yes, I do recommend that you utilize beachwear. Goodness me.

Okay, that sums up what I learned from checking out Vanity Fair. I wonder what the National Enquirer could teach me...

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ProBlogger's Day 24: Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog
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  • Vanity Fair Cover photo by L.L. Barkat.

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    Blogger Dan King said...

    LOL! Umm... sorry, but the shirtless men (and speedo) thing doesn't do anything for me. But... if you need a model...

    9:04 AM  
    Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

    Dan, how did you know? I was hoping to get a few volunteers out of this. ;-) Maybe you could hold a tray of those fried shrimp you love (is that right? or was it a different dish?)

    9:49 AM  
    Blogger Maureen said...

    Ah, you forgot one: Add a centerfold. That might take care of Dan's issues, though it will create a whole lot of others for you.

    10:03 AM  
    Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

    Maureen... ha! :) On the serious side though, I wonder if there's an equivalent to a centerfold on a blog.

    10:09 AM  
    Blogger Marcus Goodyear said...

    Um. I guess Dan King and I are not part of your target demographic here? I guess if you need another model, he and I could scare your readers pretty good.

    12:18 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I love reading your blog, you make me laugh. The things that you learned from this exercise were just slightly different than what I learned, other ends of the scale. I love your humor and you have given me an idea for another post sometime by talking about things in the magazine like subscriptions in the middle of everything, shirtless men, and such. That was great.

    4:17 PM  
    Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

    wow - you sound like katdish - did you guys switch blogs or something?

    4:29 PM  

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