Goodbye Proprietary

Living clean and green is not an easy prospect...

Buy this, don't buy that. This is toxic; that's safe. Oops, that takes too much energy.

I'm reading a book called Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, by a chemist and an architect. They forge a vision for a world where we can safely buy and live, without worrying ourselves practically to death.


...this is a blog where we can dream out loud about that world...where we can tell industry and government, "This is what I I'd love to have." And where we can share our own inventive ideas that are free for the taking— forgetting about guarding every great thought as "proprietary."

It is also a place where we can pass on information to each other, to say, "Hey, I found this product, this way of life, etc... why don't you try it on for size?"


...stay tuned for our first inventive idea, compliments my nine-year-old daughter Sara... all about energy that could come from fitness centers.

Photo by Sara Barkat.