Wanted: Your Poetic Wordle

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This past week, at T. S. Poetry Press Facebook, we asked for help to make a poetic Wordle. People answered three questions, which we used as grist:

1. one of your favorite poets?
2. one of your favorite poetry books?
3. one of your favorite lines from a poem?

How about you? Would you consider Wordling, using some kind of poetic grist? What would you use?

If you decide to try it out, post your Wordle on your blog, with an explanation of what kinds of material you used to create it. Then share your Wordle with us by next Wednesday, May 18th, for definite links and possible feature at Tweetspeak Poetry. Just drop your link on the T. S. Wall.

We've already gotten some cool entries. You're cool. Can we have yours too? :)

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Will You Wordle?

Sonia's Wordle

Do you know what a Wordle is? I haven't thought much about Wordles (even though a few have occasionally shown up at my HighCalling virtual business meetings).

Then this weekend my girls were reading about a Wordle contest in their Muse magazine (and heatedly discussing whether they should both be allowed to enter the contest). My Littlest made the Wordle above, and they've been happily making more and more Wordles ever since.

Suddenly, I couldn't help myself. I wanted to Wordle too. :)

How about you? Would you Wordle? (Don't say no yet, please, because I have a Wordle request. :)

Over at T. S. Poetry Press, we're poetry Wordling. The final will be shared next week.

To enter the not-contest, and ALL are welcome, please come share on the Wall:

1. one of your favorite poets
2. one of your favorite poetry books
3. one of your favorite lines from a poem

I am so looking forward to your Wordly words. :)

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Guy Kawasaki Starts Reading Poetry


You never know where a Twitter party will take you (or where you will accidentally take yourself during one).

Last night, TheHighCalling and Dan King hosted a party with guest Guy Kawasaki (former chief evangelist of Apple).

Okay, so I got a little tipsy and promised Guy a poem. This, to assure that he would become a reader of poetry. Or, at least a reader of one poem.

I am keeping my poetry promise. This one's for you, Guy. May it be the beginning of your poetry-reading career. (Anybody who worked with a company that chose an image for its core really needs to be reading poetry. :)

Enchanting the sky

is serious business;
that's why it's left
to Blue Morpho butterflies
(I saw one once, on a Venus night,
as I boarded a plane to leave Brazil—
it dipped down,
almost touched my face
as if to deliver
some kind of grace for a future
I could not foresee,
a future of tricolons
I'd write for a guy, a girl, a giving,
a moment at dawn,
when day would just be shaking off
the magic of Blue Morphos, Cereus,
and a crowd of winking stars.)

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