31 Days to Build a Better Blog: I Wish to Report a Stolen Review


Day 28, write a review post.

Easy peasy. I am going to steal a review. It has almost all the right...

10 Elements of a Great Review

1. An opinion
2. A Rating
3. Balance
4. Keywords
5. Comparisons
6. A Buy Link
7. Who it’s good for
8. Personal
9. Visuals
10. Details on How to Get the Item

Where it fails to have a right element, I will fill in the blanks after the review. Ready, set, go...

This is An Opinion on the 5-Star REALLY SUPER AWESOME Book Barbies at Communion (Note the Balance in this Headline :)

A little boy walks to the river, and it becomes a Sabbath poem. News of a super-collider turns into unexpectedly poignant Mother's Day verse. Waves come to shore, two guys build a bookshelf, a girl and her dad fly to Georgia... such simple things, but they do not escape Marcus Goodyear.

Through his poetry, he reveals a mind that has a way with the world. Engaged, compassionate, quietly humorous.

I recommend every last poem in this book, but here's one beautiful in its simplicity...


Shed no tears for these empty buildings
around the grass field like a private
forgotten park. They will not feel lonely
next week when a new group arrives
on the wings of petroleum and expectation.
Sometimes emptiness lets us all rest
a bit and take a breath. Throw sticks
for fat dogs who run until their panting
clicks, and they wobble, drunk on fetch,
behind the boy on his way to the river
alone to dangle his feet in clear water
where no one has come today to swim.

barbies cover

No worries. I stole the review from myself at Amazon.

Why review the book here? Because if you are here, you might be a person who likes fun, good writing, and cool word play. Which means that Barbies at Communion is for YOU (note that this is telling you who the book is good for and that I am PERSONALLY telling you :).

Now, because you are supposedly a passive reader, I'm also personally suggesting very nicely in a balanced sort of way that you buy Barbies at Communion right now.

It will make a great summer read, for you (that is me personally telling you who this book is good for. Again. In case you forgot. Okay, and for good keyword measure, let me suggest that you buy Barbies at Communion, for you, or a friend of good taste. Right now. :)

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    Blogger Glynn said...

    I had to think about it for a minute, but I suppose you can steal from yourself. Anyway, it's a great collection of poems. And the review is just as good here as it is on Amazon.

    7:17 AM  
    Blogger Maureen said...

    I'd write a review of your review, except you have already stolen all of your own best lines, and, really, this review is a time-saver for me because now I don't have to go to Amazon to read what you wrote there, and if I check back here later toda I might even find out what others said there, you know, about Marcus' book. As if a review is going to stop me from buying the words I like.

    11:03 AM  

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