French on Fridays: Top 10 French Music

Amelie les Crayons

As adults, we're sometimes afraid to learn like children. But when it comes to absorbing a language, I'm convinced we need to remember how kids first find their way to linguistic comprehension, speech, and later to reading and writing.

It all begins with sound— not textbooks, or tests, or flash cards (can you imagine mom and dad welcoming the newborn with an "I love you" flash card in the labor room? :)

Adults have the advantage of being able to use multiple kinds of materials, even flash cards if they have a penchant for them. So of course I use texts, poems that I translate, kids books, and Frenchpod.com.

But because sound is so foundational, I try to give myself a good dose of French music each day. Here's my Top-10 French Music Playlist (okay, with a bonus 10, which brings it to 20. I am still working on counting in French.)

Top-10 French Music Playlist

1. Amelie les Crayons
2. Jeanne Cherhal
3. Emilie Simon
4. France Gall
5. Mireille Mathieu
6. Olivia Ruiz
7. Keren Ann
8. Claire Denamur
9. Ariane Moffatt
10. Anais

Bonus 10

1. Vanessa Paradis
2. Camille
3. Emily Loizeau
4. Little
5. Loane
6. Pauline Croze
7. Julie Delpy (this is a single; I wish I could find more of hers in French)
8. Stromae
9. Zaho
10. Carla Bruni

Well, okay, if you insist. One more...

1. Sandrine Kiberlain

Amelie les Crayons photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger amanda {the habit of being} said...

we listen to a lot of french music, a lot of rfi, and audiobooks. i think it helps reinforce what my kids are learning!

5:07 PM  

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