31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Darren Rowse, Please Link to Me

It is Day 3, and I am combining a List Post with a Promote-a-Blog-Post post. Why not? I'm thinking this could have some kind of exponential effect, and I could get 5 billion visitors to this post.

Oh, you of little faith. It could happen.

Anyway, here goes...

5 Amazing Reasons That ProBlogger (that's you, Darren :) Should Link to This Post...

1. For Day 3, you (ProBlogger) suggest that we ask somebody else to link to our post. This is your formal invitation (because, by now, I have known you for 10 seconds or less, and in cybertime that is like a total eternity). So, Darren Rowse, please link to this post.

But if you prefer to link to Bambi in the Database or The Dalai Lama Effect, that's fine. Whatever you like. You're the guy who wrote the book on blogging (um, quite literally).

2. I'm trying my best to follow your instructions (well, okay, the Bambi post was a little non-compliant). Take note that I just linked to two of my archived posts, which is an instruction I read about in your 11 Ways to Promote a Blog Post.

3. For 31 Days I will be linking to you, sometimes more than once in a single post. Math isn't my strong point, but I'm thinking this puts it at 31+ times I will be linking to ProBlogger.

4. I'm the Managing Editor for a pretty cool site, where we will be open to having you write for us (with hardly any strings attached). Go ahead, accuse me of platform bribery now. I can take it. Especially if you link to this post (just slip me onto your editorial calendar).

5. If you link to my post, this will significantly increase my blog traffic (at least to this post), thus proving your point that it pays to ask other bloggers to link to one's posts. I figure this kind of proof is like FREE advertising for your book, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

And even if, by linking to this post, you send so much traffic that you break my blog for the day, I promise I'm no china shop: you break it, I won't make you pay.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and good humor.

L.L. Barkat
31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Darren Rowse, Please Link to Me

P.S. See my signature with the link to today's post underneath it? I learned that from your 11 Ways to Promote a Blog Post too.

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31 Days to Better Blogging

  • A Gazillion Flamingos photo by J Barkat. Used with permission.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You seem to be having a bit too much fun with this. :)

    7:26 AM  
    Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

    Erin, ya think? :)

    For some reason this whole project has put me in an amused mood. Maybe because most of my writing is always poetic or serious, I saw an unusual opportunity and couldn't ignore it.

    Tomorrow's is snarky too. I cannot promise I will ever get serious for the duration of this Project. :)

    8:47 AM  
    Blogger Claire said...

    must i say it again... you are crazy but just wonderful!

    i must admit though that i am more interested in the email that you sent to him though ; )

    care to share that one?

    10:41 AM  
    Blogger Claire said...

    too many "thoughs" there. sorry.

    10:42 AM  
    Anonymous Paul Steinbrueck said...

    Funny post, Laura. I commend you for giving it a shot.

    BTW, where was the pic of the Flamigos taken? It looks an awful lot like Lake Nakuru in Kenya where I spent a week last summer.

    11:02 AM  
    Anonymous Maureen said...

    I got caught in a loop when I clicked on the Dali Lama effect. I went directly to Day 3 again.

    I like the un-serious side here.

    11:13 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Funny stuff - would love to see DR respond to this one.

    @Paul, it certainly looks like Lake Nakuru though the lakes throughout that area are famous for their flamingos.

    I'm going to one up you and say I used to live just dwn the road from there and saw a total eclipse from atop a very big hill in the rift valley.

    12:08 PM  
    Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

    Claire, this is my open email to Darren Rowse. :) Seriously, it's all tongue 'n cheek. I wouldn't expect him to link here. And I'm having fun being crazy (we'll see if everybody gets totally sick of this behavior over the next 20-something days! :)

    Paul... yes, taken in Kenya. By my husband. He's the big traveler in the family. :) I figure if Darren ever even SEES this post, he will just laugh (which would be better than getting irritated. :)

    Maureen... yeah, I think this is going to be my unserious binge for the year. :) Thanks for the heads-up on the loopy thing. Fixed.

    Stuart, that WOULD be too much if he responded. If I were him, I would. But then, that's me, not him. :) I love your one-up story. There's a poem in that...

    1:27 PM  

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