Graphic Novel Experiment

Beyond the Lake 3

Beyond the Lake 2

Beyond the Lake 1

These things always surprise me. One day my kids aren't doing something. The next day they've made a discovery and are moving full steam ahead.

Right now, it's graphic novels.

My Littlest, who has never liked to read, is gobbling them up. My Eldest is creating them in every spare moment. And I'm just along for the ride.

Away Beyond the Lake book by Sonia, 10; illustrations by Sara, 12. Used with permission.

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Art and War?

Reflections of Generosity

What does creativity have to do with war?

I've got a few thoughts on it here.

Reflections of Generosity photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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A Closet of One's Own

Box Closet

I am on Art Pilgrimage.

Recently I decided to refocus my journey by using The Artist's Way. It's a path to creative recovery.

Was I feeling in need of recovery? No.

But now I wonder.

Cameron suggests doing three pages of long-hand writing every day. She says we should take ourselves on Artist Dates. I am doing these things, and it is spurring me to the oddest responses.

Take my bedroom closet for instance.

It was one of those shut-the-door-before-you-get-buried-by-the-avalanche closets. Maybe it was a picture of my mind. Maybe now that my mind is unfolding, relaxing, finding its way, I knew instinctively to clean my closet.

So I threw away a lot of things, carted some heavy-duty boxes from the basement (my version of California-Closet organizers), and made a secret place for my books beneath wool sweaters, cotton shirts and a yet-to-be worn dark lavender nightgown. (This effort has also produced a clean red oak floor beside my bed).

So I have a closet of my own. And this simple thing makes me happy.

Box Closet 2

Books in the Closet photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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