31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Time to Plan the Big Time

Road Curve

Day 31. I am a 31DBB Survivor!

Does that mean I get to go to an island now? :)

Or is it that I'm allowed to get off the island?

Ah, but today's assignment is to develop ANOTHER 30 DAYS of pure pleasure. Seriously? I was just getting out the little drink umbrellas with the pointy ends and the nice Chinese calligraphy.

Well, fine.

What to do here, besides the promised neglectful blogging? If you've been with me from the beginning, you'll remember I contemplated blogging next about 21 Days of Intestinal Housecleaning.

But I decided that might be gastronomically stressful. I'd rather do something a little more relaxing, that doesn't require unnatural amounts of natural fiber or pureed vegetables. Thus...

The Top 10 Non-Stressful Things I Might Blog About in the Next 30 Days (or 60, if I Choose)

1. An I'm Sorry Post written 10 times on the blackboard, in hopes of securing forgiveness for taking Darren's name in vain, again and again and again and again.

Alternately, I could offer Darren a steep discount on the Martha-Problogger makeover. If I felt particularly repentant, I could even suggest that you buy his 31 Days to Build a Better Blog book.

2. A Top Post. (As in The Top 5 Reasons You Should Do My Dishes or The Top 10 Awesome Flattering Retweeters of this Blog. You know, very relevant stuff.)

3. Something French. I am studying French, with the goal of actually learning French or appearing to learn French. Writing something about French in English (since you aren't studying French) could be a nice challenge for me. Disclaimer: an occasional French word or baguette may appear in a post like this.

4. My daughter's graphic novel. It's my blog. I can be despotic if I like. :)

5. Beans. Why not? This blog sports delicious vegetarian food. Beans are a good centerpiece for a vegetarian meal. They also make good stuffing for handmade maracas.

6. A post, or two, or ten based on a book about 30 Days to Stress-Free Living. It seemed apropos after the 31DBB project. :)

7. Barbies at Communion. Hey, I like the book and the author. Plus, since it is usable under Creative Commons licensing terms, that means I can post some of the poems without running into permissions issues (unless I post them all at once in the form of an e-book and cut the price to $2.99).

8. Updates on the Carpal Tunnel Law Suit. Okay, not really.

9. Creativity. I could post on this. I should post on this (it's in my blog tagline.) Or maybe I will just try to demonstrate creativity.

10. All of the above. Or maybe only some of the above? Should I take a poll? Would you vote in a poll if I took it? If I take it, does that preclude you voting?

Okay, finis deja.

(That is my loose and probably incorrect French for "enough already." I am ON MY WAY. :)

(Yes, I had to look it up. The correct way to say that would be Plus qu-assez. @marydemuth, would you like to offer a second opinion?)

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Around the Corner photo by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Cassandra Frear said...

I think you should send Darren a cake.

My grandmother used to bake pound cakes that melted in the mouth and mailed them to me at college. Bliss...

You send a cake like that and Darren will be your friend for life.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Marcus Goodyear said...

If you send Darren a cake, be sure you vacuum pack it before you pop in on a banana boat to Australia...

Thanks for mentioning Barbies (again)! You are so cool that way. I suppose people could even post the whole book if they really loved it enough to retype all the poems, but they ought not to charge for it under the creative common, <non-commercial license.

Happy Monday! And happy freedom from 31 days!

10:00 AM  

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