Conversations on Creativity

 Conversation, by Sara

How do you promote creativity in children? That's one question Christy Tennant asked me in her IAM Conversations podcast.

I tried to answer her question.

What I didn't get 'round to saying is that I believe children need authentic opportunities to share their work. This blog is one place I provide that for my children; they truly love hearing your feedback about their art and writing.

Also, to my great pleasure, when International Arts Movement discussed doing InsideOut: poems with me, they requested that I include a poem from each of my girls, and maybe some of Sara's art (in all, she ended up providing four illustrations).

And so it is. The children's creativity has been nurtured just a little bit more by providing opportunity. They've collaborated on a project that's open for the world to see.

Sisters in Conversation pen and ink, by Sara. Used with permission.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i happen to love line drawings, and this one is really nice.

i also like the love and companionship shown between the two sisters.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I love how you love your girls . . . it's inspiring to me as I contemplate how I will love my own girlie.

11:34 PM  

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