12 Day Celebration: Social Media Guys

Water Reflections

Watching social media trends is part of my job at HighCallingBlogs. I love that.

But social media is one fast horse to keep up with. This is why I appreciate having cool friends I can rely on to point me to great ideas, articles, books. Without even knowing it, they act as sifters and sorters (hey guys, did you know that?).

And as a plus, I get to enjoy their poetry. And their love of good art in its many forms.

Who'm I talking about?

Glynn Young and Marcus Goodyear. They're both passionate about what they do and write. They're smart thinkers in business and social media.

Merry Christmas, guys! Thanks for making my job easier. And a whole lot funner and poetic than it'd be without you.


Who do you appreciate in the blogosphere, and why? Celebrate them with us...

Christmas Badge

Watching the Water photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Anonymous Peter P said...

Glynn's a pretty awesome guy.

I haven't had much interaction with Marcus but from what I have seem, he's pretty awesome too!

3:16 PM  

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