I Give Thanks for You, and You

in the tree

Not long ago, I read a sweet post over at Glynn Young's. He took this Thanksgiving season as a chance to celebrate some of his fellow bloggers.

I liked that idea— to use this season in celebration of others. So I thought to celebrate my two girls today by sharing their writing (and a drawing) with the world.

"I Love You, Mommy"

The crickets chirp, the
dog barks, the sounds
arise, the sounds of

— by Sonia, 10, for me on a day I was sad

• • •

The beginning of a story...

Thunder rolls in the distance. Lightning flashes. The sky is grey above the lands. On the mountains to the north is a stone fortress. Valleys of scrub and small trees, always seeming to be the same shade of dark green, sit between them and the last mountain— a tall hill in the land of forests and lakes.

A castle of grey stone sits upon it. To the west, where the mountains breathe fire, in an open plain surrounded by stones and burning rivers, a castle of obsidian mimics the mountains themselves.

And far, far, farther to the north— where freezing sleet and snow turn the ground polished and blind and white, where the whistling wind is never stopped, where the ice has lain since the beginning of the world itself, a towering fortress, almost a cathedral, spires and arches, domes and spikes, seems to grow out of the land itself— for the whole thing is made of ice.

— by Sara, 12

In the Tree Drawing, by Sara. Used with permission.


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Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for sharing this...too good to keep to yourself.

Such talent under your roof :)

6:25 PM  

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