Doubtful Usefulness of Twitter Lists


I'm always up for trying something new. So when the Twitter people offered a Beta chance to create lists, why I set right to it over at @llbarkat.

One day into the endeavor and I'm already doubting the usefulness of Twitter lists. For me anyhow. Oh, I see that marketers would find it very useful and journalists perhaps, for targeting and scanning and so forth. But my Social Media life is quite organic. I hang out with people I can put on lists (and I have already done it), but the truth is I like to see these people all in the same place...

...poets talking to businesspeople talking to Moms talking to authors talking to artists. You get the picture.

In fact, the birth of @tspoetry and Twitter parties happened as a result of a conversation between a teacher, an executive, a Social Media Director and an author (um, me!). I'm guessing that if I'd only been hanging out at a list (say, of "authors"), this might not have occurred. In fact, I'm 99% sure it wouldn't have.

So. Today I've got my lists. But I'm not promising to keep them around for tomorrow.

Alternate Perspective picture by Sara. Used with permission.

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Anonymous Maureen said...

I received the message for beta testing the lists, too. I didn't see the point. I think I'm as organized as I want to be. I'm now on otheres' lists. I'm glad it is not I who will be maintaining them.

I think your point about the relationship-building among those not sharing the same interests is the best reason to ignore Twitter-listing.

7:58 PM  

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