Guy Kawasaki Starts Reading Poetry


You never know where a Twitter party will take you (or where you will accidentally take yourself during one).

Last night, TheHighCalling and Dan King hosted a party with guest Guy Kawasaki (former chief evangelist of Apple).

Okay, so I got a little tipsy and promised Guy a poem. This, to assure that he would become a reader of poetry. Or, at least a reader of one poem.

I am keeping my poetry promise. This one's for you, Guy. May it be the beginning of your poetry-reading career. (Anybody who worked with a company that chose an image for its core really needs to be reading poetry. :)

Enchanting the sky

is serious business;
that's why it's left
to Blue Morpho butterflies
(I saw one once, on a Venus night,
as I boarded a plane to leave Brazil—
it dipped down,
almost touched my face
as if to deliver
some kind of grace for a future
I could not foresee,
a future of tricolons
I'd write for a guy, a girl, a giving,
a moment at dawn,
when day would just be shaking off
the magic of Blue Morphos, Cereus,
and a crowd of winking stars.)

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Blogger Joelle said...

Mmmmm. Love the imagery in your Blue Morpho encounter. Magical--both the reality of the experience and the way in which you share it. Reading right now a marvelous book on butterflies (the monarch variety, though) called Four Wings and a Prayer. I highly recommend it....

10:43 PM  
Blogger Kelly Sauer said...

I just love this, Laura! It makes me happy and dreamy all at once!

10:53 PM  

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