I Need Some Simple Luck


Think of the luckiest person you know. Try to name your guy (or girl) before you start making judgments about what real luck is.

Finding it hard? Name three people you're jealous of. Go ahead, do it. [I'll wait :)]

According to Ken Robinson in The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, you might be tempted to say those people-of-whom-you-are-jealous are just lucky; that's why they (not you) got to such a marvelous, lucky place. [Don't worry, I named three too, and I think they're lucky people indeed! :) ]

The truth is that you (and I) may never be able to accomplish the same things as those we envy, for a multitude of reasons (including going blind, which is a story you can read about in Robinson's book). Still, we can be lucky in our own right, if we just act a little more... like a lucky person.

Somebody even wrote a book about this stuff. It's called The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles. And to boil it down to its simplest components, this is what the author says lucky people tend to do:

1. create, notice, and act on opportunities

2. listen to intuition and do work to boost intuition (like meditation and mindfulness, right Camel? :)

3. expect to be lucky

4. believe they can turn bad luck to good

I'm not sure what contributes to such an approach to the world. (Maybe I should read the book :) But I know that if you (and I) are going to find a bit of simple luck, we might just need to go out and make it happen ourselves.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is luck the same as optimism? I agree, it has so much to do with looking for opporunities, and taking action - also, being in the action. I read an interview once with a CEO who said that his philosophy was to "play in the traffic," meaning that unless you are in the midst of all the activity, you don't stand a chance of moving forward. So you've got to put yourself there.

btw, I think jealousy and envy can be healthy motivators (I know, that is so not wwjd). Like my psychologist wife says, those feelings mean something that is going on in a deeper place, and if you pay attention and take action on it, it could lead to greater fulfillment.

Perhaps the mindfulness could help with that?

Just a thought... :)

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Cheryl Smith said...

I like the idea that "lucky" people find and nurture their own opportunities. It makes perfect sense. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the cliffsnotes.

I wonder who "lucky people" choose for their "lucky people" choices...

5:30 PM  

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