The Backyard News: Vol 2, No. 1

video: dolly racer competes with bicycle at Grandma's house

In Sports...

"The Dolly Racer", by Sonia

The dolly racer is something I made up with Sara. You know what a dolly is, but I will tell you what a dolly racer is. It is a four-wheeled dolly. All four wheels touch the ground. You go up to the top of a hill or paved driveway and sit on the back where you would put boxes if you were only using two wheels.

Once you get to the top of the hill or paved driveway, you lean forwards. You steer and stop with your feet. Gravity will make you go down the hill. Make sure you wear a helmet!

In Arts and Entertainment...

"Love", by Sonia

More than a day,
more than a night,
more than a sunset,
more than a sunrise,
more than forever,
I'll love you.

3 by Sara:

"What a Beautiful Morning..."

What a beautiful day,
what a beautiful evening,
what a beautiful rain.


slide down my
window, and I think
of tomorrow.

"April Showers..."

trees and flowers,
all those hours, all
those flowers, rise up
and bring the world
into full bloom.

And a riddle, by Sara:

As sad as a morning
dove, when you see
me I am cold.
If it's summer I'm warm.

Racing Video by L.L. Barkat. Riddle answer: "rain".



Blogger Erin said...

You girls are ZIPPY! I was very afraid for what would happen to you down there at the end of that long driveway... I sure hope it ends in a gigantic feather pillow or a Truffula tree. :)

And your poetry is lovely. You both captured some of my favorite things about this time of year- rain, sunrise, sunsets, and enjoying all of it with the people I love.

10:01 AM  

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