An Offer While Waiting

snow trees

More snow today. The winter of never-ending snow.

Last week, most of the flights out of LaGuardia were cancelled due to weather (I took the picture above on my way to the airport). As I sat in the airport wondering if my flight would be cancelled next, as I waited out the delay to Pittsburgh, there were a few offers to places I wasn't going...


I am not,
as far as I know,
going to Raleigh Durham,
but if I want to become
someone else for a day,
maybe a lady who
goes to midnight plays
in the center of Raleigh
Durham, why I couldn't
be more in luck, because
Gate Number 5 just now
has a flight beyond
heavy snow, past fall
of white-blind night.

Snow Trees photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this painted a grin, right across my face

7:25 PM  

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