Live-Streaming: A Techno Amazing World

Time was, if you couldn't make an event, you missed it. These days, if an event is live-streamed (a little bit like the Internet version of TV), you can watch from the comfort of your own home— jammies, slippers and all.

On Friday night I had a lot of fun doing a poetry reading with Brooke Campbell (who did the singing... yes, better that she did that part :). Friends all over the nation were able to watch the event, live-streamed.

And for those who missed it, there's still the option of watching a recorded version (above). Note that there is a 2:15 minute opening lag time before the program begins.

You can even embed the recording on your site by going here. How cool is that? It's a techno-amazing world.

*(Also, if you have trouble watching it here, try watching at the Ustream site.)

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Anonymous Eric said...

It was great to be able to come back from one event and be able to view this one! :)

And it truly is amazing that I am ale to, so easily, view a wonderful event such as this from many miles away (and at a later hour!).

Both you and Brooke did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing yourselves with us...

9:56 PM  

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