Lazy Blogger's Tuna Casserole

tuna casserole

This is the lazy blogger's chronicle of how to make tuna casserole. Or, in other words, I gathered my tweets from the night I made it up (and tweeted my progress), and I'm not going to rearrange them (if I did, then I couldn't call this the lazy blogger's chronicle).

So you'll need to read the recipe from the bottom up. It's a bit roundabout, but in the end, I promise you'll have a delicious tuna casserole on your hands (um, your plate).

Disclaimer: Unlike most recipes, this one has conversation interspersed (occasionally snarky)— makes things interesting for me, if not confusing for you. :) Note that @redclaydiaries and I have a history of discussing the 'violent nature' of cooking.

Pour on some olive oil. Top with mixture of potato chips and fried onions. Bake about 5 minutes more. Yes. :)

Crush the chips with a potato masher. (Is that like cooking a calf in its mother's milk?)

@TchrEric I'll eat your dinner if you send it along. Express, okay? :)

@shrinkingcamel shoot. Well, it's always nice to have a famous cousin or two ;-)

RT @judyshapiro Novice author uses social med to promote & lands on NYT best seller http://micurl.com/FtuwF << did she share her tuna rec?

@shrinkingcamel GET OUT!!!! You're famous! Did they ask you to get up on stage and do the camel dance with them?! :)

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@mdemuth great cover, Mary :)

Bake. I don't know. Maybe 15 minutes. 350 degrees is always a safe temperature. Well, for foods anyhow.

@shrinkingcamel well, come on now, let's hear it. Tell me the tune. I'll sing along. :)

about 1/2 of a big hunk of Gruyere, *shredded* (take note again @redclaydiaries)

And tuna. Every respectable tuna casserole should feature *tuna.* I'm using white. Big can.

Yay! I just found some peas. It stands to reason that a house that has Gruyere ought to stock peas as well, yes?

@cascheller be careful sweet friend. And maybe stop tweeting while you drive :)

roux plus milk

Add some roux to some milk. Add all back into pan. Plus more milk. I told you this was easy. Sort of.

roux beginning

Note that I forgot the celery. Add the celery, okay? Then do the roux. Same pan. No worries.

now for the roux, which is not to be confused with a coup (not to be confused with a coupe either, which would require a garage)

the crisp fry is going to go on the top with... yes!!! potato chips. Delicately *smashed* (take note @redclaydiaries).

okay, enough about @prodigaljohn's ipod shuffles. Back to the haute tuna casserole. Did I say saute onions? Well, saute. And crisp fry a 2nd

RT @prodigaljohn is giving away 3 free iPod shuffles http://stuffchristianslike.net/ <<< yeah, this is my favorite post ;-)

@katdish he'll? It's girl town over here. Big shovel. Little woman. Get thee to the post office.

@sweetmarimari we'll see. Tuna goes haute.

@katdish you are so kind. Can you send a guy to shovel too? :)

@redclaydiaries that's what I love about you. ;-)

@cascheller really? Where's the party? Maybe here... where the snow is pretending.

What are the chances that I'd have both Gruyere cheese and potato chips. Well, happy tuna casserole, I do.

Boil pasta. (That was easy. See mom, sometimes I'm simple.)

Go to basement for 2 onions, whole wheat elbow pasta, milk, tuna, gruyere cheese. Sorry mom, this is already sounding complicated.

Okay, I remember that my mom used to make a tuna casserole. Easy, easy. Let the games begin. (I'm going to make one up. Here we go.)


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