Get Rich Click: Wow!

Get Rich Click by LL Barkat

"Should I read the book?" she asked.

"No worries, I'll give you the highlights," I told her.

Last night I emailed her: "You have got to to read Get Rich Click. It has a ton of actionable ideas."

Since reading the book (in less than two days), I have had so many brainstorms I hardly know where to begin. And in some cases, I'm simply going to let things sit on the back stormy burner for a while.

Today, I just want to share one BIG IDEA, about making money by becoming an Affiliate.

You thought you could only do that through Amazon, right? Because they have made it so obvious and simple to do?

Guess what? Amazon is only the beginning. There's a whole Affiliate world out there, waiting for you to dip in.

Five of the top 25 Affiliate sites Marc Ostrofsky recommends are:

Commission Junction

Now, in some cases, you've got to be interested in selling... I don't know... cufflinks?

But in other cases, you might be especially motivated to help sell gifts for writers and creatives, simply because you know the seller (TS Poetry) and one of the art creators (Emily Wierenga).

If you're more interested in helping TSPoetry than selling cufflinks, you can create a TS Poetry store widget for your blog.

(Also, depending on the kind of marketer you are, you may also find it easier and more powerful to promote something or someone you love.)

1. Just choose to set up the widget by "store," then type tspoetry into the white box.

2. To become an affiliate at Cafepress, email affiliatesales@cafepress.com

3. Or if you just want to share the widget, you can do that without becoming an affiliate (but hey, why not get referral fees? You wanted to Get Rich Click, yes? :)

Oh, and I'll write more about Get Rich Click. But you might want to get if for yourself (mine's overdue now at the library, because someone put a hold on it! Smart person. :)

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