We Were the First

Ginko tree

As I typed the final words of my manuscript last night and reflected on a year spent outdoors, I couldn't help but see the connections between my daughter and I. She too has loved a wooded place, albeit bigger than the tiny pretend-woods in my back yard. She too has grappled with the tension of life, how we gain and lose in the same breath. My girl is only twelve, but already she speaks a language that breaks my heart...


We were the first
in the cool green woods
into ravine and over crest

into forgotten days, the best
days, rainy, sunny, those days were good
we were the first

into fort like high bird's nest
looking over wonderful lake we stood
into ravine and over crest

those days like shining bubble now burst
shimmering sunlight down it glowed
we were the first

drizzly spring green onion grass,
with wonderful times we were imbued
into ravine and over crest

ford gravel drive to the old forest
imaginative things we always did
we were the first

not looking outward, ignoring the west,
failed attempts at making food
into ravine and over crest

years ago this people was birthed
finding a hidden land of gold
we were the first

to find the chest
wild woods the treasure showed
into ravine and over crest

in the woods, it seemed we were guests
time went on and on it flowed
we were the first

a place to play, a place to rest
icy wind with sun is mellowed
into ravine and over crest

a yellow song, a strange soft test
a time sped up and time of slowed
we were the first

shining gardens by nature are hoed
the years long gone, the years arrest
over ravine and over crest

see the wild roses lest
you miss them, time away has strode
over ravine and over crest,
but we were the first.

— by Sara

Ginko tree photo, Granada, Spain, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Joelle said...

Again, her poetry leaves me smiling, half-crying. Beautiful! The theme and lovely lyricism reminds me of one of the Wrinkle in Time books by L'Engle. Can't remember the title, but its plot has a girl and her boyfriend going back in time to the first settlement on the same land where she grew up. Looking forward to more from your Sara as days and months and years go by....

7:42 PM  

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