Just Sing and Lay Your Weapons Down


One of the things I love about home educating my children is that they have time to pursue their passions. In case you hadn't noticed, both my girls are currently passionate about poetry. Maybe it's because I've taken to reading to them about it at supper time (that's another thing I love about home education... the school day is quite... flexible!) Last night we read about using the voice of 'apostrophe', which is when the poet speaks to an object as if it could answer back. They liked a poem that was addressed to a t-shirt.

After dinner, my youngest felt quite inspired and wrote a number of poems, including one to the moon. Later, sitting alone, I felt a bit teary-eyed, to see the soul of her coming through. Funny how you can live with someone and not see certain things until a just-right moment. That moment, for me, came in the silence of the house, reading Sonia's poems while she slept.

"The Time"

On a night so dark
with the moon's face
peeking out from behind a cloud
and a figure with
fire hair, on a horse,
holding a flag of
white. And the knights
lay down their
weapons to peace.


I will play the
song for you
and then show
you how to play it.
You will love it
forever. I know that,
because I know you.

"A Feeling"

A feeling comes
from music,
one I can't describe,
but even how wonderful
the feeling is, it
will never match
up to you.

"For You"

How I do love you, I
would spend all my time
with you, making stuff
for you, helping you,
if only I had the time.


Nothing bigger,
nothing bigger than
your kindness,
your presence, your talent,
nothing bigger than you.


A ring? Just
sing for me the
king. All that
nonsense about
gifts. Just sing for me
the king. A royal carriage
to an airport... deluxe
vacation; I have to
run my kingdom.
Just sing for me
the king.

"Moon Talk"

Moon, why is your name
moon? Do you have friends
of small stars and not just
the sun who sends you
light at night, for you to reflect
into your own? Moon, are you
friends with me? What is it like
to live in the sky up there so high,
do you like being admired so much
as you look down on the earth?
And moon, before you and I go to sleep,
just one more question... will you
meet with me next night? Will
you hum the Moonlight Sonata,
will you put me to sleep again?

— poems by Sonia, 9.

Crocuses photo by Sara, 12. Used with permission.

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Blogger Joelle said...

My favorite is "Song". For these comforting lines: "I know that,
because I know you." To be known is such a wonderful thing. Your dear one is obviously secure in her knowing that she is known by her beloveds, for she opens her soul so freely for others to know her too.

7:10 PM  
Blogger mom2six said...

I like "Moon Talk"..."Do you have friends of small stars and not just
the sun"...I like the fancy of this line especially. They were all well done.

12:05 AM  
Blogger sojourner said...

exposed soul for sure - i really liked "The Time" most :0)

8:20 AM  
Blogger Children of Eve said...

your girl is amazing to me. I hope her creativity is never squelched. The older people get the harder to hold onto that magic.

8:39 PM  

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