Color of Peace

Blue Glass Shadow

I've been taking in color all morning— letting the barely-yellow kitchen walls soothe my senses, while I listen to my little one read to me. Watching white light dance with grey, leaf-shaped shadows. Staring at the curved blue reflection of a cobalt glass, over garnet-specked granite. These shapes and colors have been whispering peace to me, in the background of my day.

Why am I more sensitive to color these days? Maybe it is something I'm learning out in my Secret Place. I consider these August entries from my outdoor journal...

August 21, 2007... The woods are gleaming, deep green, slick, reflective. Leaves quiver and dip under a light breeze, tremble at the fall of droplets. The pine is sprung with a million tiny liquid globes, set to capture the day's grey light, or set to shower the unsuspecting passerby...

August 22, 2007... Smells earthy out here today. A light breeze. Air is moist. Sun is merely a suggestion behind a white-blanket sky. I lay for a while without my glasses on, to let the weight of color, of green press in, without the distraction of detail.

I consider that my outdoor experiences are coming inside, teaching me the color of peace in every room, in every shape and shadow.

Blue Glass Shadow photo by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger bluemountainmama said...

i love how you captured the blue reflection on the countertop, laura.

and i love times of 'awareness' like this...when your senses seem to be able to pick up all these little nuances..... colors, light, shadows, reflections. and i believe it is like you said....it happens when we take time for silence and rest and reflection, like you do in your secret place.

lovely thoughts....... may the light shining in your windows continue to play and bring colorful and soothing reflections to your soul....

1:50 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Blue Mountain... Isn't it amazing what a little sunlight and blue glass can do?

Yes, I think such awareness comes from taking the time, and perhaps also from getting a change in environment (even if it's only a few paces outside one's door!)

Thanks for your gentle thoughts and wishes.

4:21 PM  

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